Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

Optimize Video For YouTube!

In this video, I share 7 key tips on how to optimize video for YouTube and getting ranked Fast..

So, how to optimize video for YouTube.. If you’re making videos, you’ll need to know how to rank them to get some visibility… no point making videos if nobody is ever going to see them.. right?

So the things that I’m going to cover today are critical elements for optimizing your YouTube video..

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

First port of call is of course YouTube itself..

When you’re researching your video keyword, begin entering it up top in the search bar.. watch the drop down that appears as you’re typing, and take note of these .. these are phrases that are regularly searched for from within the YouTube platform, and definitely worth using in your research.

Next up we have what is affectionately called the Keyword Shitter.. and it does exactly what it describes.. it provides you with alternate phrases to your video keyword. Simply enter your video keyword and hit enter.. it will then start coming up with suggested keywords related to your search. When it completes, you can copy and paste them and save them in a notepad, or you can download them. 

And last but not least, we have the Google Keyword Planner. There’s no direct link for this.. simply search in Google for Google AdWords.. register for an account, or log in. Select the wrench at the top to locate it.

Enter your video keyword and select Get Started to generate a list of keywords ideas.

You can also filter your search results to include any parameters you wish to include, such as average monthly searches, and what the competition is like.

Select the keywords you wish to use, then download and save them.

So when you’ve done your keyword research and created your new video, you want to include your keyword within the video file itself.

First thing to do is rename your video file as your targeted keyword. Take that keyword, right click on the video file, and select properties.

From here, select the ‘Details’ tab, and enter your keyword in the ‘Title’, ‘Subtitle’, ‘Tags’, and ‘Comments’.

You can give it a Star rating if you wish. Hit apply, and wait for that to complete. This will only take a few seconds.. and you’re done.

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

Now, you’ll also need to create a thumbnail for your video when you upoad it to YouTube.

A standard YouTube thumbnail should be 1920 x 1080 pixels.

One of the best free tools I would use to create my thumbnails, is Canva.

Simply enter the image size you wish to create.. (you can also find a YouTube thumbnail template by selecting ‘More..’ on the right hand side.)

Within the Canva editor, you have a selection of ‘Layouts’, ‘Elements’, ‘Text’ options, ‘Background’ colours, and of course, your own uploads. Canva allows you to drag and drop these options onto your canvas.

Take your time here, and create a thumbnail that is relevant to your keyword.. make your thumbnail ‘Yours’, and make it striking enough to stand out. For now though, I’ll just create a simple thumbnail to use as an example.

When you’re happy with your design, go ahead and select ‘Download’ across the top toolbar, and download it to your PC. Canva will auto-save your work for you.. so if you need to come back at a later time to complete the task, your design will be there waiting for you.

After your thumbnail has been saved to your PC, do the same thing as you did with your video file. Rename it as your target keyword.

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

When you’re ready to finally hit that UPLOAD button, GO FOR IT!

For this example, I’m selecting ‘Unlisted’… when YOU’RE ready, choose PUBLIC, and Upload.

When you are shown the upload screen, start editing right away.. Enter your title as your video keyword.. edit it so that it reads well on your channel of course.

Add your video keyword first into the description box, and you can add a link to your website if it’s needed.

Next, complete a full description of your video, ensuring you use you keyword 3 to 4 times.

At the end of your description, ensure you include a link to your video, as well as your channel.

You can also add your video to a keyword targeted playlist that you have created, and include that in the description as well. YouTube like to see more internal links added to the description than external.

Go to the advanced settings tab, and select your preferred options here. I find it’s best to ‘Allow All Comments’, as this allows your audience to engage with your video, and help toward ranking your video.

When you’re done with youe video settings here, open the YouTube link for your video, and select the EDIT option from here.. enter your video keyword in the TAGS section.

From here, we can also add our thumbnail which we created and optimised earlier..



TubeBuddy is a 3rd party resource you can integrate with your channel.. it allows you to completely optimise your videos, and provides you with optimisation checklist.. ensure you have each of these set for every video you upload to ensure your visibility in the search engines!


First thing to do here, is to add a comment on your own video, ensuring you have your keyword in there… and as per the checklist, make sure you also pin your comment. Hearting the comment will also help here..

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

From the video page, select EDIT, then choose MISSING FEATURES over here on the left. You’re looking for END SCREENS here.

On the right, choose whichever element you’re going to use. I’m using LINK for this example.

If you haven’t associated your website with your channel, then choose one of the other options.

You can enable this feature here.


Choose an image you have optimised with your video keyword, and upload it here. You can use a different image for this.

Add a TITLE for your End Card, and choose a relevant CALL TO ACTION.. then CREATE ELEMENT.

Move the slider to where you wish it to pop up on the screen, and position it as well.

An important note here.. at least one element must be linked to a video or a playlist within your channel. I prefer to use BEST FOR VIEWER in general, however, you can select a specific video if it works better for your project.

Slide this to where you wish it to appear.. position it, and SAVE.

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

From the EDIT VIDEO screen, select MISSING FEATURES, then CARDS this time.

Move the video timeline to where you want your card to appear, choose ADD CARD, then select whatever card you want to add.

Set this up in exactly the same way we added our END CARDS.


How To Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

We’re at the video edit screen again, and selecting MISSING FEATURES.. then TRANSLATION & TRANSCRIPTION.

Choose ADD NEW SUBTITLE, and then your preferred language.

You have a few options here for adding your closed captions.. I prefer to TRANSCRIBE AND AUTO-SYNC if I haven’t prepared my captions prior to uploading.

Using this option allows you to pause the video as you type in what’s being said in that particular point of the video.

Closed Captions are of course your video subtitles.

When you’re done, simply hit SAVE, and allow a bit of time for YouTube to encode your captions.

This is why saying your video keyword several times in your video is important, as adding these captions at the end of the process will ensure that your keyword is picked up by the search engines in several places…

Your video file.. your image files, what you say verbally in your video, as well as what is written in these captions.

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

How To Optimize Video For YouTube

When you’re done with this, you can review your video to make sure everything you added is in place… Description, Pinned & hearted comment, End screens, Cards & Closed Captions.


Final step to ensure visibilty of your video, and to gain some backlink juice, is to SHARE your new project across all of of your social media platforms.


So what you’ve just watched are the 7 Key elements on how to optimize video for YouTube .

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel!




Did you try these tips? Was there anything in here that you weren’t aware of? Leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Thanks very much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it… remember… SHARING IS CARING!

Here’s to your online Success..

I’ve been Darran Rankin.. you folks have a prosperous day, and I’ll see you on the next video!

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